Cosmetic Dermatologylook younger

The desire to look younger lingers in all of us. A youthful glow often represents health, vitality. If you want a few ways to look and feel younger instantly, we’ve got just that for you.

1. Toxins

A really quick and non-surgical way to look younger is to use toxins, like Botox.

In a week or two, crow’s feet and elevens will be minimized or gone.

While the term “toxins” can be scary, it just represents different products, like Botox, that work to cease the muscle movements in certain areas, getting rid of wrinkles in that area.

What is Botox, exactly?

Botox is Botulinum toxin type A, and works just as stated above. By targeting very specific muscles, this injectable can render the muscles motionless, which removes wrinkles in that area.

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2. Fillers

Using a hyaluronic acid filler can plump your cheeks, get rid of dark circles, or even fill the lines around your mouth that appear with aging.

A major factor that ages us the most is a lack of collagen and elasticity as we age.

Fillers can replace this, offering a naturally youthful appearance. You can expect minor swelling and pain in the injection site, but results can take effect immediately.


3. Laser those brown spots

Skin gets brown age spots, with time. A laser or intense pulse light can instantly rid of the unwanted sun damage leading to more severe signs of aging.

Patients often notice their skin become more like it was in their earlier years, before sun damage began to show.

For best results, make sure to wear sunscreen daily (yes! even in the winter) to ensure long-lasting results.

With each of these three treatments to instantly look younger, you’ll have very minimal downtime with maximum results. They’re far more effective than simple exfoliations and the results will last longer.

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