CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

The FDA has approved many different areas of your body to be treated with CoolSculpting.

Because of the unique technology used to freeze away fat cells, there’s a lot of versatility in which areas of your body you can effectively and safely reduce fat.

Stomach & Abdomen

*Results may vary

Your stomach and abdominal area is one of the most popular places for a CoolSculpting procedure. Because it’s often difficult to reduce fat in this area alone, many find the fat here stubborn and unwilling to shed even after exercise and a proper diet.

That’s why this area is perfect for CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting can specifically target this area and freeze away that stubborn fat that won’t budge no matter how much time you spend in the gym.

Love Handles or Muffin Top

*Results may vary

Love handles are another area on the body that’s particularly difficult to reduce fat.

Because there’s not a way to specifically target this area when exercising and eating right, you may have a hard time reducing fat here.

CoolSculpting is a great way to freeze away fat on your love handles specifically.

Inner & Outer Thigh

*Results may vary

Thigh fat can cause a lot of heartache for those who just can’t seem to get rid of it. No amount of squats, exercises, or healthy food seems to help with this area of the body.

Women experience excess thigh fat more than men and have found amazing results with CoolSculpting treatments.


*Results may vary

The back is one area fat builds up, particularly as you get older. You may be happy with how the rest of your body looks but if you avoid tank tops, swimming suits, or even not wearing a shirt, CoolSculpting may be the answer to reduce your back fat.

Upper Arms

*Results may vary

When you’ve tried everything and can’t seem to get rid of that arm fat, CoolSculpting is the answer.

This is often the last place fat is eliminated when diet and exercise are involved but sometimes, it refuses to go away no matter what.

CoolSculpting is a great way to specifically target arm fat in order to get rid of it.


*Results may vary

Have you ever found yourself gazing in the mirror, your eyes wandering to your chin…and the other chin you didn’t really notice you had until just then?

This happens for many of us and can cause some unwanted insecurity. After all, your face is the one place everyone sees on a daily basis and there are no quick ways to get rid of fat on your chin…

Until CoolSculpting Mini, that is.

Learn more about the CoolMini treatment for chin fat reduction.