If you’re struggling with unwanted fat below your chin, giving you the dreaded “double chin” that’s so difficult to burn off, there’s a new, non-surgical solution for you!

While a double chin can be a result of genetics, diet, and other factors, you don’t have to just “deal with it” any longer.

Here’s the solution to get rid of chin fat and shave off that stubborn double chin: it’s Kybella.


What is a Kybella injection?


Kybella is a FDA approved fat dissolving injection (deoxycholic acid) for the elimination of fat cells in the chin and neck area. This deoxycholic acid is actually a substance your body makes naturally in order to absorb fat.

A series of mini injections help to melt away double chin/neck fat without the downtime associated with surgery.


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Source: MyKybella.com


What is Kybella used for?


Kybella is mainly used to treat unwanted fat under the chin in order to get rid of the appearance of a double chin.


Is Kybella safe?


Yes. When administered by a trained professional, Kybella is both safe and effective for getting rid of a double chin.



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Source: MyKybella.com


How many Kybella treatments will a patient need?


The average patient needs between 2 and 4 treatments spaced a month apart in order to see the results they’re looking for. However, every person is different and you will see meaningful results after a single treatment.


Make sure to book an appointment to see if Kybella is the right treatment for you!