What is Juvéderm VOLUMA?

Juvederm Voluma is the latest of the Juvederm range of hyaluronic acid fillers specifically designed to restore volume in areas of volume loss. Common areas include the cheeks, cheekbones, and chin. Additionally, due to its versatility it is also suitable for adding definition to the jaw line.
How does Juvéderm VOLUMA work to achieve its results?
According to a facial aesthetic experts, an attractive face is characterized by smooth, round contours, high cheekbones and a thin, well-defined jaw line. These features together comprise the ‘triangle of beauty’ or ‘heart of face’, with its base at the top and summit below.

As we age, facial fat loss, gravity and loss of the skin’s natural elasticity conspire to reverse this triangle’s composition, leading to a narrower, less youthful forehead and temple area, and a wider, heavier jaw line.

Juvederm Volumacan may restore balance and heart-shaped proportions to the face by subtly adding volume to areas where this is lacking due to the effects of aging or extreme weight loss. The result may be a restoration of the triangle of youth back to its original form resulting in a softer and more youthful appearance. Juvederm Voluma and carefully placed Botox along the jaw and neck works as a neck lift and redefines the triangle of beauty.

Which areas are Juvederm Voluma commonly used in?

Juvéderm Voluma is frequently used to revolumise the cheek, cheekbones and chin. As the filler is placed deep within the tissues, it adds support to the overlying skin and restore facial contours.

How long does Juvéderm VOLUMA last?

Clinical trials have shown that the volumising results of Juvederm Voluma may last for up to 18 months. This can vary from individual to individual.

Who is a suitable candidate / patient for treatment with Juvederm Voluma?

Patients with facial volume loss due to aging, sudden or extreme weight loss or certain medical problems such as facial asymmetry or droop can benefit from treatment with Juvederm Voluma. However, patient selection is important to discuss suitability with this treatment.

Will an anaesthetic be required with this type of filler?

Most patients have a comfortable experience aside from feeling a slight initial pinprick. Occasionally if a lot of volume is required for extra skin projection patients may feel slightly sore for which Paracetamol after the treatment will be appropriate to relieve the discomfort. For patients with a needle phobia, we offer topical numbing cream to alleviate any anxieties.


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