Now Offering, Dermapose!

Dr. Brodksy is one of the first in the country to offer this ground-breaking new procedure with its vast benefits and innovative breakthroughs.

Dermapose is a treatment that allows for the reinsertion of a patient’s own fat back into their bodies in areas to enhance, lift, and smooth lost volume. With this procedure, patients can expect varying results of smoothness and fill depending on the precise locations injected and the amount.

Ultimately, this is an innovative treatment to resent the natural aging process with your own adipose tissue.

dermapose before after

Dermapose Before and After

The results of Dermapose are quite striking. Most patients can expect renewed life to their face by increasing volume where it was once lost and creating a smoother surface, reducing fine lines and wrinkles!

How Does Dermapose Work?

Dermapose is a revolutionary treatment in which a syringe removes fat from a patient’s body part, only for it to be reinjected elsewhere, in order to benefit from the antiaging results.

What is Dermapose?

Dermapose is a completely safe procedure in which a qualified dermatologist uses a syringe to remove fat from the patient’s body in order to inject it into other areas—such as the face—for antiaging benefits and a renewed appearance.

how dermapose works

What are Dermapose benefits?

Dermapose effects can be different for everyone, but most people will have a fuller appearance, smoother lines, and returned volume to areas it had previously lost.

This treatment is great for anti-aging and to turn back time on your appearance!


Who is Dermapose best for?

Dermapose is a fit for most people looking to add volume to their appearance and an overall rejuvenation. Only a qualified dermatologist can determine if you’re a good fit for Dermapose, so make sure to book an appointment today!


How long will Dermapose take to work?

Many patients can expect to see Dermapose results in as little as one week, once the initial swelling goes down. However, to see the maximum effects, this takes time for your body to regulate the new injections, and you can see continuous improvement over a 6 month period.


What to Expect With a Dermapose Treatment

Your Dermapose treatment won’t be too lengthy. You can expect for your dermatologist to greet you and go over how the procedure will work. Oftentimes, you may be put under local anesthesia in order to numb the process.

From there, your dermatologist will complete the procedure, which varies greatly from patient to patient. All of this can typically be done in under an hour.