Does the doctor take my insurance?

 Please refer to our Insurance page for a detailed answer to this question. Please feel free to call the office if you need more information.

What can I do to be prepared for a visit at Dr. Brodsky´s office?

You may download  our First Visit form, print and fill out the Medical History forms and bring them to our office. This will significantly reduce the duration of your visit.

What are your office hours?

Please visit our locations page for office hours at each location.

Does she see children?

Yes, she treats children as well as adults

Will she do a skin cancer screening?

Yes, Dr. Brodsky encourages a full skin cancer screening on every patient at least annually.

Will she perform the procedure on the same day as my initial visit?

Yes, depending on how extensive the lesion is and whether or not it is medically necessary.

How long has Dr. Brodsky been in practice?

 Dr. Brodsky graduated from medical school in 1998, completed her residency in 2002 and has been in private practice ever since. Dr. Brodsky opened her own practice in 2007 in Glenview.

What else does she treat besides diseases of the skin?

Hair, nails, lesions of the mouth and genitals.